The Boda Bag is here!!

I thought I would write a short review for the new Boda Bag that I just got.  It is awesome!  So now I can check off two things off of my Christmas list.  The other thing that I got the other day was a Starbucks gift card from Karen Peelle (awesome Kokomo florist for those who just got here 🙂 ).

First off…the look.  Niiice…black, sleek, and very ninja-like.  I like the fact that it has so many different areas to the bag, but yet it looks very simple and compact.  It easily will hold my 70-200f2.8IS without feeling like I have to have this huge garbage size bag on my back, so right there I am impressed.  I usually shoot with the 5D and the 85L, so now I can also put the 24L in my bag with the fisheye and the 100 macro in there as well as extra battries, an extra 580ex, more flash cards, etc.  I really don’t think there is anything that you couldn’t keep in here unless you are wanting to carry around a 300f2.8 or bigger.  Maybe I should try that?:) 

I am looking to use this more for a destination wedding scene than to use this every weekend for weddings.  I usually carry three cameras with an 85L, one with the 70-200, and either the 24-70 or a 24L.  I usually have my gear close enough that I can get to it without having to carry it around all the time.  But that is possible that this might change after using this a couple of times.  I am guessing that on a Florida beach this would rock because then I would be able to keep everything that I would need right on me.  But honestly it would rock even more on a Maui beach.  For those of you out there planning your honeymoon…my wife and I went to Maui and it is awesome.  The Maui Downhill bike ride is one thing that you have to do.

For wedding photographers I can see that this bag would be awesome for engagement sessions to be able to have your lenses right there with you and not feel as though you have to carry around a backback or rolling case.

The bag also includes a little metal case with Boda cards in it.  This is a nice added touch to be able to keep your business cards in this for when you are out shooting.  I also like the card wallet to keep your memory cards.  This is very easy to access.  There are also two straps included.  One is for the shoulder and the other is to strap this around your waist.  There are some nice cushions to help steady this on your hips whether you have this on the shoulder or down low.  That was a nice addition.

As far as cost…right now you can get 25% off the Boda bag, so that is cool.  So if you are looking for an awesome bag for your shooting I would highly recommend this for you.


I found this picture the other day that I shot in Indianapolis when I was waiting for the bride and groom to come out to get in the limo.  Most photographers are not that fond of being in front of the camera, so I combined the best of both to get a picture of me while still being behind the lens.



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