Doyle and Jenny’s Engagement Session…

I always love it when couples can make each other laugh. So when Doyle and Jenny were doing their engagement session with me that was not a big deal for them at all.

I am always talking to my couples during their engagement sessions about how we will shoot on the wedding day and what we will be doing, so there are always questions that come up…”Are we doing this right?”…”Does this look ok?” “Are we moving too fast?” I include engagement sessions in all of my wedding packages for this very reason. It puts them in so much more of a relaxed frame of mind on the day of the wedding. They also get to see how I work with a camera and the type of instructions that I give make a lot more sense the day of the wedding.

Thanks guys for a great session. See you on your wedding day!!




This is my favorite shot of the day…


I think Jenny takes directions really well…we were working on shots that will show the back of her dress.  Right Jenny? 🙂






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